The History of Personalised Sashes

Originally a sash consisted of a cloth belt used to hold a robe together and was usually tied about the waist. From this practical start sashes have developed more of a decorative nature and are now usually worn across the shoulder to the hip rather than around the waist.

Personalised sashes around the world

In the military, sashes have become part of formal military attire and denote rank or authority. In South and Latin America a special Presidential Sash indicates a President's authority.

In Italy, a sash, featuring the Italian flag colours, is used by public authorities and local officials.

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Personalised sashes in the States

In the United States, the sash has picked up a more ceremonial purpose. We are all familiar with the use of sashes at Beauty Pageants and Prom Nights but they also have an established part in University Ceremonies, High School Parades, as well as being used extensively by corporations to acknowledge high achievement or to promote events.

Now in the UK we use sashes to mark important occasions such as birthdays, hen nights, baby showers and promotional events. We tend to use personalised sashes to give greater impact and relevance to the sash, especially at parties. Using a colour co-ordinated set of party sashes for parties like hen night sashes give a greater impact and a sense of fun to the occasion. Also, a well thought out message can bring a smile to many faces and sets the tone for the party.